Pos.Finish time Participant
40155:01Sonia Coombs
40255:01Ben Coombs
40355:21Jill Clark
40455:30Faye Bell
40555:45John Jobson
40656:27Susan Goss
40756:42Victoria Walton
40857:25Tammy Cook
40957:25Vicky Coxon
41057:25Paula Wear
41157:52Amanda De Lussey
41257:56Joanne Hindmarsh
41358:00Lisa Reynolds
41458:00Julie Joyce
41559:17George Routledge
4161:01:04Julie Taggart
4171:01:17Natalie Johnson
4181:01:18Elaine Jennings
4191:01:18Laura Gibson
4201:01:18Neil Jennings
4211:05:37Ruth Stokes
4221:06:53Vicki Milburn
--Carl Watson

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