Tour De Test Valley Sportive 2017


2:34:36Cerys Alexander
2:37:21Lottie Anderson
2:33:12Sarah Anniss
3:18:32Caroline Appleton
3:06:27Mandy Atkinson-Willes
3:17:28Angela Barnes
2:39:48Shaun Bennett
3:49:27Adam Birley
3:49:26Penny Birley
2:35:19Jessica Booth
1:59:46Keith Bowry
1:59:50Sally Bowry
2:58:55Tim Brace
2:44:13Laurence Bristow
2:57:45Ben Burdett
2:57:45Dan Burdett
2:25:42Simon Burrows
3:06:30Carrie Carty
3:18:47Ann Cashell
3:18:54Clive Cashell
3:18:48Kiri Cashell
2:30:51Paul Cayless
3:15:38Debbie Challoner
3:06:27June Chapman
3:03:00Melly Chapman
4:46:44Sam Chapman
3:11:14Jo Chastney
2:45:02Tracy Conner
3:06:28Kate Crook Crook
3:11:22Paul Cullen
3:34:18Natalie Dally
3:43:40Matt Davis
3:12:27Laura Devine
2:58:54Katherine Devonald-Brace
2:57:47Jasper East
2:58:25Oliver East
2:30:28Charles Elwell
3:04:14Camilla Foster
3:19:31Demelza Galica
3:06:26Judy Gilmartin
3:03:08Louise Glover
2:58:48Ben Golding
2:58:53Ben Golding
3:18:33Christopher Goulder
1:54:50Jason Hammell
1:46:09Simon Hardy
2:34:33Jennifer Harrison
3:04:52Peter Harrison
2:43:02Maggie Heath
3:46:26Hannah Hiscock

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