Fairfield Horseshoe 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
1011:54:16Matthew Walker
1021:54:27Gareth Davies
1031:54:33Damien Brockie
1041:55:25David Griffin
1051:55:27Colin Shuttleworth
1061:55:32Allister Short
1071:55:58Giles Hawking
1081:56:11Sam Allsopp
1091:56:28Rob Cunningham
1101:56:39Joseph Fennell
1111:56:48Natalie Hawkrigg
1121:56:55Chris Hodgson
1131:56:57Tony Livesey
1141:57:10Neil Weightman
1151:57:16James Mcmurtry
1161:57:49Ian Sharpe
1171:57:50Adam Cooper
1181:57:54Sarah Hackett
1191:57:56Jim Garside
1201:58:14Dominic Hoare
1211:58:25Ian Rowresltsbse
1221:58:39Peter Pollitt
1231:58:39Stuart Smith
1241:58:45Phil Green
1251:59:09Helen Horne
1261:59:14Steven Foley
1271:59:25Jean Powell
1281:59:25Stephen Smithies
1291:59:33Rowena Browne
1301:59:41Bryan Lowrie
1311:59:47David Fountain
1321:59:49Chris Kelsey
1331:59:55Kevin Brennan
1342:00:06Fionnuala Swann
1352:00:17Helen Price
1362:00:22Dave Hammond
1372:00:34John Tollitt
1382:00:54Rachel Towe
1392:00:56Ann-Marie Jones
1402:01:05Alex Cook
1412:01:15David Foyston
1422:01:52Greg Trusselle
1432:02:02Catherine Holden
1442:02:12Sophie Fosker
1452:02:21Toby Sydes
1462:02:21Bruce Hardy
1472:02:32John Kelly
1482:02:38Michael Wilding
1492:02:53Jeanette Downing
1502:02:58Steven Soper

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