The Maverick inov-8 Original Dorset 2018


Pos.Chip time Participant
11:34:24Alex Van Tuyl
21:35:48Chris Southern
31:40:19Lee Baynton
41:43:31John Sutherland
51:45:02Tom Wilkinson
61:46:42Robert Doubleday
71:47:02Tim Hartnell
81:48:54Tristan Pope
91:48:57Jonathan Brombley
101:50:56Mike Wright
111:51:10David Gardner
121:51:14Robert Crabtree
131:51:39Kris Duffy
141:52:12Simon Crabtree
151:52:24Steve Hall
161:52:58Calum McGregor
171:55:39Sam Pattison
181:55:47Mathieu Gravey
191:55:52Derek Green
201:56:48Mollie Routledge
211:56:49Elyse Paulson
221:56:51Jack Hodges
231:57:58Russell Finn
241:58:55Tom Marshall
251:59:00Liam Henderson
261:59:42Philippa Robinson
272:00:21Sophie Parsons
282:00:59Michael Guest
292:01:00William McDonald
302:01:09Nick Adey
312:01:23Eliza Preston
322:03:56William Ferrier
332:04:26Kevin Blann
342:04:53Chris Spencer
352:04:59Anthony Baker
362:05:05Claire Murphy
372:05:08Fabien Gathercole
382:05:16Kieron Mumford
392:05:38Richard Eastham
402:05:39Matt Bosanquet
412:06:44Greg Duncan
422:07:05Paul Christian
432:07:39Henry Gauntlett
442:07:43Matthew Ogg
452:08:08Jessie Snow
462:09:04Andy Taylor
472:09:04John Hammond
482:09:29Stuart Scott
492:09:31Darren Saupe
502:10:10Joe Lancaster

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