The Maverick inov-8 X Series Peak District 2018


Pos.Chip time Participant
14:45:24Lee Baynton
24:49:00Rebecca Ferry
35:00:16Mariusz Felczerek
45:11:48Marcin Pilarczyk
55:19:36Ady Pendred
65:29:40Scott Smith
75:31:35Henry Fitton-Thomas
85:35:12Steven Devonshire
95:37:38Dave Rogers
105:38:22Tomas Millard
115:48:26Nick Tiller
125:59:03Stephen Moore
136:01:14Robert Dunn
146:01:44Paddy Donovan
156:01:44David Gray
166:01:56Anthony Smith
176:01:56Yinhuan Wang
186:04:22Louise Wade
196:15:30Mark Webster
206:32:05Adam Quarmby
216:33:23Nic Baldwin
226:33:54Daniel Pemberton
236:39:49Oliver Chamberlain
246:39:50Karyn McArthur
256:43:19Jamie Atkinson
266:45:36Mike Jones
276:47:13Philip Padfield
286:48:28Lee Wilkinson
296:48:29Emma Heath
306:50:04Alistair Ross
316:50:37Richard Vaughan
326:50:38Darren Greasley
336:50:51Alice Milne
346:50:51Ben Rajan
356:52:59Lauren Garrett
366:58:14Andrew Langley
377:13:53Nicholas Brooks
387:20:49Owen Marsden
397:21:47Ryan Langridge
407:26:56Laurent Willocq
417:30:27Jay Medway
427:34:42Tema Hassan
437:35:34William Fyfe
447:37:20Tara Green Robinson
457:37:20Becky Parker
467:42:57Ellie Tew
477:43:47Jason Randall
487:49:53Mark Beaver
497:50:52Michael Chester
507:53:49Andrzej Lyczewski

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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