Clough Head Fell Race 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
5155:53Alison Wainwright
5256:00Holly Martin
5356:13Jackie Murdy
5456:15Becky Weight
5556:25Kate Simpson
5656:27Lauren Munro-Bennett
5756:28Denise Wright
5856:33Kerry Cornforth
5956:40Belinda Baquero
6056:43Wendy Dodds
6156:49Amy Shillcock
6256:50Zoe Webber
6356:51Sandrine Fraisse
6456:54Rowena Browne
6557:04Pat Goodall
6657:05Jen Hird
6757:07Caroline Holmes
6857:35Victoria Haworth
6957:39Claire Cobley
7057:51Jean Powell
7157:56Melanie Blackhurst
7257:57Sue Howarth
7357:59Jayne Rigby
7458:30Annabel Holmes
7558:43Deborah Millington
7658:46Charlie Bradshaw
7758:59Jessica Lawrence
7859:56Jane Crowson
791:00:10Karon Forster
801:00:13Jane Mellor
811:00:13Freda Summerfield
821:00:37Caroline Holden
831:00:40Caroline Harding
841:00:42Victoria Peel
851:00:44Jo Appleby
861:00:56Tania Wilson
871:01:29Judith Howells
881:01:38Debbie Charlton
891:02:10Georgia Stevens
901:02:36Ellie Crownshaw
911:03:08Julie Gardner
921:03:55Stephanie Fauset
931:04:04Debbie Wilson
941:04:20Lindsay Buck
951:06:15Amanda Burrow
961:06:24Kate Farley
971:06:30Lesley Malarkey
981:06:41Linda Lord
991:06:42Michelle Fuller
1001:07:22Lynn Bolden

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