Bennachie Hill Race 2018


Pos.Finish time Participant
511:15:51Martin Boddy
521:16:00Luke Harrold
531:16:02Ryan Milne
541:16:03Richard Ingram
551:16:34Rob Wynne
561:16:40Les Mcculloch
571:16:46James Richards
581:16:48Alan Budge
591:16:56Mark Woollard
601:17:06Jim Savege
611:17:10David Muir
621:17:41Andrew Gordon
631:17:48Greig Cruickshank
641:17:52Alec Dobbie
651:17:58Katie Henderson
661:18:13Ben Miller
671:18:30Tony Whitaker
681:18:38Chris Solomon
691:18:40Rachel Little
701:18:46Kyle Henderson
711:18:52Graham Thomson
721:19:10Mike Mackay
731:19:36Colin Mathers
741:19:39John Colegrave
751:19:52Clive Matthews
761:20:18Marianne Lang
771:20:36Mike Whitcombe
781:20:50Pamela Morris
791:21:03Marie Entwistle
801:21:15Colin Calder
811:21:38Neil Mccoy
821:21:52Ros Baxter
831:22:02Andrew Sykes
841:22:06Kay Davies
851:23:15Tony Mcgarva
861:23:19Mark Hale Sr.
871:23:21Alex Brown
881:23:33Martin Watt
891:23:38Mohammed Khan
901:24:05Jacoline Mcdiarmid
911:24:10Joe Aitken
921:24:17Phil Astley
931:24:20David Fraser
941:24:21Russell Galbraith
951:24:47Tim Baxter
961:24:57Zac Wood
971:25:21Sarah O'toole
981:25:23Neil Hastie
991:25:30Natalya Zuyeva
1001:25:47Craig Ross

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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