Chiltern League Oxford 2018


Shown results are provisional and have thus not yet been verified and approved
Pos.Finish time Participant
35153:12Peter Tye
35253:15Reg Koster
35353:18Trevor Mathurin
35453:25Stephen Scott
35553:53Trevor Brawn
35654:44Bob Whitten
35755:17David O'Connor
35856:34Malcolm Sargeant
35957:12Stephen Thorne
36057:56Alan Grover
36159:33Bob Austin
3621:00:37Ken Barclay
3631:01:55William O'Connor
3641:02:47Martin Long
3651:04:40Edward Marshall
3661:10:30Nick Brewer
3671:11:02James Allen
3681:19:34Kit Villiers

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