The Tour of Pembrokeshire 2019


7:22:48Phil Watkins
10:14:47Ian Watts
8:54:53Doug Webb
6:35:35Chris Webster
9:50:38Jana Weidemann
8:21:31Andrew Wells
8:04:29Leo West
9:14:48Emma Wheeler
7:55:13Gethin White
7:01:32Jon White
8:42:37Thomas White
8:51:04Jed Whitehead
8:23:46Richard Wicks
9:04:05Tom Widd
10:59:39Jeremy Widdas
8:09:30Andrew Wilce
8:27:59Colin Williams
7:13:36Luke Williams
DNFPrys Williams
8:57:35Rich Williams
7:31:06Richard Williams
9:50:55Richard Williams
10:15:50Simon Williams
8:48:02Simon Williams
DNFAdrian Wilson
8:29:11Philip Withers
9:11:07Ben Woffenden
7:47:08David Mark Wood
8:35:54Tom Wye
7:13:23Adam Young
6:58:53Tim Young

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