The Maverick inov-8 Original New Forest 2019


Pos.Chip time Participant
120:25Daniel Corner
223:47Chris Phelan-Heath
325:21Sam Davis
426:27Sharon Singer
528:12Becky Rendell
629:03Amy Fuller
729:15Peter Haigh
829:16Dario Poloni
929:37Catherine Russ
1031:02Leigh Mosley
1131:17Edward Page
1231:44Heather Ratcliffe
1332:04Pete Hill
1432:27Patrick Greene
1532:46Tim Whitton
1632:49Steven Blight
1733:03Richard Shelton
1833:10Samantha Mclaren
1933:13James Darling
2033:24Louise Cattell
2133:40Sarah White
2233:51Ash Rowlands
2334:13Stuart Budgen
2434:14Alexandra Wardall
2534:31Linda Declin
2634:44Caroline Wilkinson
2735:16Valerie Ryan
2835:51Vicky Thomas
2935:58Justin Conway
3035:58Claire Conway
3136:05Christopher Joseph
3236:21Max Foulds
3336:46Chris Redtop
3436:57James Foster
3537:01Frank Morris
3637:26Stephen Page
3737:46Keely Smith
3837:46Amy White
3938:18Christopher Lewis
4038:35Gavin Smith
4138:35Tanya Walker
4239:06Raina Smith
4339:07Emma Shackell
4439:18Lauren Mead
4539:18Lois Bickerton
4639:24Samantha MacAulay
4739:35Hannah Wilkinson
4839:40Carol Mccloskey
4939:40Julia Puzey
5039:53Loraine Konsbruck

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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