The Maverick inov-8 Original Oxfordshire 2019


Pos.Chip time Participant
11:34:17James Philips
21:34:51Gregory du Tertre
31:35:43Tom Other
41:37:19Andrew Haigh
51:37:58Thomas Jelly
61:39:58Anthony Smith
71:40:23Edward Cieslik
81:41:20Steven Devonshire
91:43:52Carl Serrant
101:44:13Thomas Bowman
111:44:14Andrew Brown
121:46:19Dominic Tucker
131:47:24James Zuurbier
141:47:50Charlie Tee
151:48:25David Hopwood
161:49:16Matt Marshall
171:49:23Timothy Dry
181:49:33Laura Rothwell
191:49:51Holly Chamarette
201:50:13Gabriel Norwood
211:51:00Kevin Hennessy
221:51:07Dominic Roarty
231:51:10Christian Corney
241:51:24Simon Felstead
251:52:06Joseph Mitchell
261:52:07Magnus Taylor
271:52:14Vincent Sulaiman
281:52:21Dominic Young
291:52:27Martyn Banham
301:52:49Karl Craig
311:52:51Neil Salmons
321:53:01Tim Bowie
331:53:11Chantal Percival
341:53:25William Sage
351:53:39Jamie Young
361:54:10Sean Kaikwaf
371:54:24Rebecca Skelton
381:54:38Clemmie Cubbon
391:54:58Nicola Cooper
401:55:22Kevin Moore
411:55:40Will Jones
421:56:01Sebastian Becker
431:56:09Daniel Bair
441:56:16Dexter Teale
451:56:20Simon Webber
461:56:29David Barnes
471:56:29Nicola Cooper
481:56:37Sam Burridge
491:56:37Ellis Diamanti
501:57:12James Buckell

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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