Dubrovnik Triathlon 2019

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12 October 2019

Welcome to the second Dubrovnik Triathlon Event!

EARTH, SEA & FIRE is a multi-lap race, offering two distances for individual athletes and relay teams respectively.

Olympic Distance consists of 1.5km two-laps swim, 40km four-laps bike and and 10km four-laps run combo.

Sprint Distance consists of 0.75km one-lap swim, 20km two-laps bike and 5km two-laps run.

Olympic Relay is an opportunity for the members of a club or other athletes to actually race as a team, regardless of gender or class. Relay races also present a chance for individual runners, swimmers and bikers who can join their forces, get a taste of triathlon and discover a new passion, starting a successful long-course tri career.

EARTH, SEA & FIRE feels both lucky and proud to welcome all its participants in Dubrovnik, a city that shares so much with the spirit of triathlon: steadfastness, relentless passion, ability to cope with downfalls and to rise again no matter what, over and over again.

Therefore, it is more than appropriate that spectacular historic architecture and atmosphere of Dubrovnik become a worthy background for celebrating this EARTH, SEA & FIRE event.

Before the race, all participants are invited to join the Welcome Party, that will be held in Dubrovnik.

However, as all triathletes and their faithful supporters know, once the race is over, there are even more reasons for celebration! Again, all the participants (and their escorts at an extra price) will come together at the TriParty@Banje Beach. The most iconic and most popular Dubrovnik beach is a winner, sure to add “it factor” to the post-race EARTH, SEA & FIRE party!

 Event information
12 October 2019
Port of Gruž
Dubrovnik, Croatia
See map below
Registration is closed
Starts at 14:00

Price per participant
Price £50.00 + fee
Fee: 6%
Starts at 14:05

Price per participant
Price £65.00 + fee
Fee: 6%
Starts at 14:05

Price per team
Price £85.00 + fee
Fee: 6%

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Dubrovnik Triathlon
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Dubrovnik Triathlon 2019

  • Port of Gruž
  • Dubrovnik
  • Croatia

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