Pos.Finish time Participant
13:15:55.00Stephen Hobbs
23:19:14.00Ben Hamilton
33:22:57.00Josh Hartley
43:57:22.00Kate Morris
54:00:05.00Will Sisson
64:06:00.00Tom Nicholson
74:07:13.00Lorraine Slater
84:08:54.00Alex Dalton
94:09:35.00Graham Cauley
104:10:28.00Paul Hart
114:10:40.00Paul Bassindale
124:12:59.00Ben Swarbrick
134:14:23.00Chris Ingham
144:14:25.00Paul Wilson
154:15:44.00Louise Winter
164:18:22.00Tom Duckers
174:18:41.00Paul Managh
184:21:46.00Ross Husband
194:22:07.00Stu Francis
204:22:19.00Stephen Benson
214:22:33.00Charlie Day
224:22:57.00James Duffy
234:23:00.00Stephen Little
244:26:33.00James Mclaughlin
254:27:30.00Allan Sumner
264:27:52.00Ben Minnican
274:29:25.00Nick Shaw
284:29:32.00Andrew Mcpherson
294:30:52.00Stuart Parry
304:31:11.00Graham Morgan
314:32:08.00Thomas Richards
324:32:41.00Kenneth Fordyce
334:34:21.00Martyn Willacy
344:34:55.00David Sloan
354:35:50.00Steven Gould
364:36:30.00Duncan Evans
374:37:26.00Rosie Campbell
384:38:40.00Kevin Brennan
394:39:54.00Jonathan Carter
404:40:00.00Leon Flesher
414:40:21.00Rob Massey
424:41:16.00James Taylor
434:41:25.00Alastair Macdonald
444:41:26.00Ben Oldendorp
454:41:43.00Liz James
464:41:58.00Brian Stallwood
474:43:27.00Nickey Russell
474:43:27.00Liam Goldie
494:44:15.00Margaret Duncan
504:44:16.00Adam Richardson

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: info@epicevents.co.uk