Pos.Finish time Participant
514:47:02.00Jeanette Whitham
514:47:02.00Philip Whitham
534:48:14.00Thierry Le Coq
544:49:11.00Gary Tootle
554:49:12.00Peter Simpson
564:50:38.00Jo Vinall
574:51:57.00Dominic Scott
584:52:53.00Hester Cox
594:53:38.00Mick Browne
604:58:10.00Scott White
615:02:50.00Tracey Brown
625:02:51.00David Betteley
635:03:35.00Antony Genovese
645:05:43.00Nicola Booth
655:07:29.00Jonathan Pierce
665:08:46.00Jonathan Smith
675:11:41.00Richard Hill
675:11:41.00Paul Chrisp
695:15:57.00Glen Kitchen
705:18:09.00Ian Shorrock
715:21:10.00Carl Hamer
725:21:39.00Mark Roberts
735:22:29.00Richard Robinson
745:23:13.00Ian Mulry
755:26:16.00David Green
765:26:23.00Valerie O'Donnell
775:29:09.00Iain Mitchell
785:29:24.00Graham Hill
795:31:08.00Annette Brown
805:32:12.00Catherine Lawrence
805:32:12.00Olive Bigmore
825:32:20.00Daniel King
835:34:23.00Jamie Maddock
835:34:23.00David Chell
855:34:40.00Barry Cleminson
865:34:44.00Kevin Smith
875:35:15.00Melville Anderson
885:35:18.00Laurence Ormerod
895:35:41.00Mick Southern
905:36:28.00Phil Keeley
915:37:08.00Ben North
925:37:34.00Jodie Laird
935:38:36.00Steven Bennett
945:39:34.00Scott Jackson
955:41:09.00Tom Thomson
965:41:17.00Stephen Braithwaite
975:41:53.00Roderick Burton
985:41:54.00Rowan Booth
995:42:03.00Steven Sreeves
1005:45:16.00John Weaver

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: info@epicevents.co.uk