Pos.Finish time Participant
11:56:23Eddie Fletcher
22:04:34Paul Atack
32:05:02Keith Melvin
42:07:10Wayne Gregson
52:08:14Trevor Bosomworth
62:09:12Declan Bulmer
72:12:04Michael Mudd
82:12:38Chris Smith
92:15:29Kyle Laurie
102:18:05Daniel Owens
112:21:53Gary Walmsley
122:26:43John Standley
132:26:52Mike Calvert
142:27:17Chloe Brown
152:29:02Emma Taylor
162:32:39Rhiannon Page
172:33:32Jose Sanchez
182:33:43Jenna Shail
192:33:46Mike Nolan
202:34:31Paul Ray
212:36:19Mike Innerdale
222:37:50Kate Lowe
232:38:18Alistair Bell
242:38:33Dave Ellis
252:39:47Josh Waite
262:41:06Graeme Openshaw
272:41:19Mark Wardley
282:42:25Neil Stevens
292:43:05Fay Tuffen
302:43:38James Banks
312:44:08Karl Robb
322:44:44Peter Murray
332:46:55David Wilson
342:47:00Jan Rogers
352:48:39Ralph Roberts
362:48:43Paul Bateman
372:48:47Kate Hurr
382:48:53John Nolan
392:52:13Matthew Barnes
402:52:43Colin Dobbs
412:53:05Andrew Pescod
422:53:26Des Anstey
432:53:55Ian Macnamee
442:55:44Simon McAllister
452:56:32Fiona Taylor
462:58:01Seema Ritson
472:58:06John Eveson
482:58:16Therasa Paul
492:58:33Jennifer Duncan
502:58:51Stephen Spamer

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