Pos.Finish time Participant
512:58:59John Walton
522:59:00Emily Simpson
532:59:40Richard Chandler
543:01:25Helen Mason
553:02:59Richard Mathews
563:02:59Ellen Stantschew
573:03:21Deborah Collier
583:03:23Tony Glynn
593:03:30Paul Morris
603:04:07Chris Purvis
613:04:15Zoe Robinson
623:04:22Tony Mills
633:04:28Ewan Welsh
643:05:53Thomas Evans
653:07:25Michael Smith
663:07:50Keith Atkinson
673:08:17Rebecca Hylton
683:09:07Anna Cuinu
693:09:09Cheryl Pace
703:10:33Nick Wilson
713:10:33Tony Devoy
723:12:12Digby Jackson
733:12:25Michaela Irving
743:12:31Cliff Pepper
753:12:48Sue Woods
763:13:37June Harrison
773:15:08Ree O'Doherty
783:16:10Beverley Armstrong
793:18:26Matthew Holliday
803:18:58Sandra Chandler
813:19:28Emma Naylor
823:20:18Martyn Maughan
833:21:03Lynne Jennings
843:22:07Helen Barnes
853:22:21Dawn Cuinu
863:22:22Roy Glendinning
873:22:31Michael Brandon
883:24:32John Weaver
893:24:33Leah Atherton
903:25:46Martin Lomas
913:28:38Karen Thomas
923:28:39Thomas Stephen
933:28:47Sophie Antonelli
943:29:07Richard Henry
953:29:26Gavin Jackson
963:30:14Catherine Butler
973:32:55Dave Byers
983:33:12Lucy Derby
993:34:08Andrew Taylor
1003:34:40Ruth Port

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