31 December 2021

Pick up some classy branded Lakesman merchandise to complete your preparation for the big event. Just click on the item names in bold and this will take you to the shop item. 

Please note that items marked as 'Finisher' are from previous years, you'll get your 2021 Finisher's top when you finish in 2021 - you cannot order it in advance!

Lakesman Branded Merchandise

The range includes our signature polo shirt and 2018 Lakemsan hoody, 2019 Lakesman hoody and, a grey T-shirt together with a cycle top and, of course, the Lakesman mug. For the young supporters there are plenty on offer from our Lakesman branded kids hoodies, our Kids Future Lakesman hoodies and the Kids T-shirt in a range of colours and slogans for supporting Mum and/or Dad on the course.

Finisher Merchandise

We have finisher T-shirts and hoodies for 2019.

Please note, if you are entering the event these are NOT the finisher garments that you will get when you finish the race! These are for those who have already completed the event and need a spare or replacement item.

Other Merchandise

Look here for discontinued stock lines or limited run items that don't fit the categories above - you may find a bargain you weren't expecting!

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