18 October 2020

Cowman, Longhorn, Calfman & Stampede Duathlon 

Age-Group European Qualifer Event

18th October 2020

The Cowman, Longhorn, Calfman & Stampede Duathlon returns this year offering the following Age-Group Qualification events:

Calfman (Standard) Distance Duathlon Qualifier

Individual: 10km / 45km / 5km 

Please note, by entering the Calfman event you are entering a national status event and you must submit your membership number to be eligible for any British Triathlon/Home Nations awards. For more information please click HERE.

ITU/ETU 2021 Standard Duathlon Qualifier 

This event is hosting a Qualifier for the British Triathlon GB Age-Group Team in the Standard race.

If you intend to qualify for the GB Age-Group Team at Cowman, Longhorn, Calfman & Stampede Duathlon 2020 you must register your intent to qualify by 5pm on Friday 16th October 2020.

Additional details can be found here:

The Cowman duathlon will offer four different distances: Cowman, Longhorn, Calfman and Stampede accross our tried and tested routes in the beautiful location of Emberton Country Park. For those who have completed the triathlon version, the run and the bike in the duathlon are just as challenging! 

An administrative fee of 6% will be applied to all particpants by our online entry partner, Results Base Ltd.

Take a look at the teaser for the 2020 event below!


Event BTF Member
(January- May)
BTF Member
Cowman (21k/90k/10k) £74* £80 £80 £86
Longhorn Classic (10k/60k/10k) £59* £65 £65 £71
Calfman (Age-Group Qualifier) (10k/45k/5k)  £44* £50 £50 £56
Stampede (5k/20k/5k) £34* £40 £40 £46

*Please make sure you bring your BTF license with you to registration or else you will need to pay £6 for a BTF day license.*


  • Registration will be open on Saturday 17th October between 1pm-4pm at the event venue.
  • Registation will be open on Sunday 18th October from 6am.
  • Transition will be open between 6am-8:45am - directions on entry into the transition area will be given by the Chief Technical Official.
  • There will be a race briefing 15 minutues before every distance starts the race.
  • The Cowman wave start time will be 7:30am.
  • The Longhorn and Calfman wave start time will be 8:15am.
  • The Stampede wave start time will be 8:45am.


  • Awards will be given to the 1st/2nd/3rd males and females across all events.


  • Emberton Country Park, Olney Rd, Emberton, Olney MK46 5FJ (see below)


New for 2020, we are offering free entry to volunteers who help marshal at our events throughout the year. These free places are based on equivalent event type. Click here for more information!


Cowman and Calfman Distance - Bike Route

  • Cowman: 2 Laps
  • Calfman: 1 Lap


Longhon Distance - Bike Route

  • 1 Red Lap followed by 1 Yellow Lap


Stampede Distance - Bike Route

  • 1 Lap


Run Route for all Distances

  • All runs will be anti-clockwise.
  • Cowman 4 Laps - Bike - 2 Laps
  • Longhorn 2 Laps - Bike - 2 Laps
  • Calfman 2 Laps - Bike - 1 Lap
  • Stampede 1 Lap - Bike - 1 Lap

 Event information
18 October 2020
Emberton Country Park, Olney
Milton Keynes, Great Britain
See map below
Registration closes 11 October 2020 23:59
121.5 km
Starts at 07:30

Price per participant
Through May 31, 2020 £80.00 + fee
From Jun 1, 2020 £86.00 + fee
Fee: 6%
81 km
Starts at 08:15

Price per participant
Through May 31, 2020 £65.00 + fee
From Jun 1, 2020 £71.00 + fee
Fee: 6%
60.75 km
Starts at 08:15

Price per participant
Through May 31, 2020 £50.00 + fee
From Jun 1, 2020 £56.00 + fee
Fee: 6%
32.5 km
Starts at 08:45

Price per participant
Through May 31, 2020 £40.00 + fee
From Jun 1, 2020 £46.00 + fee
Fee: 6%

 More information
Big Cow Sports

In case of questions about the event please contact Big Cow Sports:

01908 585037

Cowman Duathlon (inc. Age-Group Team Qualifer) 2020

  • Emberton Country Park, Olney
  • Milton Keynes
  • Great Britain

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