Montane Trail 13 & 26 Grizedale 2020

Pos.Finish time Participant
11:27:08,41Liam Taylor
21:28:07,14Bruce Hardy
31:37:15,84Wayne Laird
41:38:10,34Andy Ley
51:40:25,82Kevin Renton
61:41:13,57Liam Riley
71:41:24,57Andrew Pipes
81:41:37,31Christopher Tully
91:42:48,31Sam Merckel
101:43:43,05Karl Wakeman
111:43:52,55Danny Waters
121:44:05,55Chris Connor
131:44:28,79George Robinson
141:44:39,54Rachel Kane
151:45:08,54Andrew Foster
161:45:22,54Jimmy Connolly
171:46:15,78Vicky Penn
181:46:51,28Stephen Taylor
191:47:07,78Heidi Dyson
201:47:21,52Tom Gallagher
211:47:23,03Viv Winter
221:47:42,77Martyn Robinson
231:47:56,27Stuart Parry
241:47:56,50Ellla Parry
251:49:12,51Adam Land
261:49:36,01Andy Archer
271:49:37,31Ryan Mewis
281:49:55,76Mark Colman
291:50:43,50Edward Moss
301:50:52,75Gary Smith
311:51:19,00Col Rhodes
321:51:44,74Michael Robinson
331:51:50,24Andrew Mccracken
341:52:14,74Adam Marshall
351:52:48,49Sarah Lowe
361:53:34,98Brett Fletcher
371:54:01,48Shaun Bibby
381:54:23,98Tom Morris
391:54:36,97Paul Chrisp
401:55:47,72Karl Gordon
411:56:02,47Mark Warwick
421:56:23,96Mark Tamlin
431:56:44,46Ian Robinson
441:56:50,71Kerry Oldfield
451:57:18,21Samantha Trevett
461:57:19,96Robbie Edwards
471:57:25,21Hannah Gilman
481:57:26,46Ruth Mewis
491:58:27,70Beth Cole
501:59:00,19Chris Clarke

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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