Montane Trail 13 & 26 Grizedale 2020

Pos.Finish time Participant
12:56:59,26Chris Holdsworth
23:14:48,89Ellis Bland
33:16:47,88Runar Saether
43:27:59,55Andrew Carlin
53:33:09,51Michael Holliday
63:35:37,25Richard Heath
73:45:23,43Tim Pigott
83:47:41,17Ian Cocks
93:50:47,69Darren Greasley
103:51:53,41Will Sisson
113:52:49,63Sophie Likeman
123:55:31,38Michael Irving
133:58:12,10James Taylor
144:00:29,08Andrew Horn
154:02:01,07Alasdair Steele
164:02:37,06Anthony Staffieri
174:02:39,11Shaun Jones
184:04:18,30Sam Carr
194:05:50,08Jonathan Carter
204:05:56,32Kayleigh Scott
214:08:01,03Tom Duckers
224:08:25,28Dave Edwards
234:10:10,26Jose Garcia
244:10:37,01Tim Groves
254:11:27,03Chris Ingham
264:13:26,52John Mason
274:13:27,36Paul Mason
284:13:48,23Shaun Atkinson
294:14:43,98Michael Collins
304:16:15,01Ross Husband
314:16:44,46Paul Wilson
324:18:20,71Gavin Sisson
334:21:58,71Mike Jones
344:23:33,20Miriam Leonard
354:23:47,45Bryan Lowrie
364:25:04,18Ian Dermott
374:25:35,16Paul Managh
384:26:07,41Matt Towers
394:27:24,89Nick Wishart
404:27:42,90Adam Richardson
414:28:13,14Stephen Little
424:31:04,63Bev Jackson
434:31:18,89Stephen Peters
444:32:10,36Christopher Nattress
454:36:37,85Phil Allen
464:37:39,32Bridget Houlston
474:38:29,37Rosie Campbell
484:38:41,34Mark Welch
494:39:42,57Paul Jackson
504:39:56,05Mark Byrne

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