Shown results are provisional and have thus not yet been verified and approved
Pos.Participant Finish time
101Matthew Bacon4:56:47
102Lewis Murray4:56:54
103Stephen Bailey4:57:10
104Daniel O'connor4:57:37
105Andrew Carter4:57:46
106James Tugwell4:57:50
107David Taylor4:57:53
107Andrew Stokes4:57:53
109Chris May4:57:59
110Ryan James4:58:02
111Robert Wood4:58:05
112Leon Hayward4:58:17
113Lewis Smith4:58:26
114Neil Hunter4:58:56
115Dale Tedder4:59:12
116David Bird4:59:20
117Tom Bryant4:59:22
118Charles Field4:59:30
119William Mason4:59:44
120Dave Tilley4:59:51
121Ross Meldrum4:59:54
122Paul Smith5:00:06
123John Maskell5:00:09
124Laura Wakeham5:00:21
125Rory Fairbairn5:00:28
126Frank Holmes5:00:33
127Barry O'neill5:00:41
128Nick Lord5:00:43
129Neill Williamson5:01:04
130Andrew Sclater5:01:13
131Gavin Medlin5:01:31
132Andrew Christopher5:01:43
133Samuel Foote5:01:51
134Simon Miles5:01:52
135Lee Shepherd5:01:58
136Beth Wilmot5:02:10
137Philip Westoby5:02:32
138Alexander Slatter5:02:33
139David Larcombe5:02:40
140Derek Simpson5:02:44
141Vicki Dibdin5:02:55
142Liam Hanley5:03:09
143Henry Kennaway5:03:10
143Nick Morris5:03:10
145Alan Cooper5:03:13
146Tim Seaman5:03:15
147James Austin5:03:50
148Darren Robinson5:04:01
149Natalie Duncombe5:04:26
150Martin Critchlow5:04:29

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