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Pos.Participant Finish time
151Graham Smith5:04:34
152Nigel Buxton5:04:35
153Alastair Clipsham5:04:51
154Scott Baxendale-White5:04:57
155Chris Gray5:05:12
156Karl Free5:05:14
157Zachary Durham5:05:15
158Barry Bryant5:05:19
159Leah Walland5:05:20
160Ian Rough5:05:31
161Bryan Tillyer5:05:45
162Matt Anthony5:05:53
163Chris Lewis5:05:56
163Luc Berthouze5:05:56
165Lee Murray5:06:09
166Paul Slack5:06:29
167Simon Norwood5:06:34
168Adrian Atterby5:06:43
169Chris Doughty5:06:45
170Tristan Matthews5:07:04
171Lee Walters5:07:12
172Luke Pryce5:07:14
173Matthew Pizey5:07:17
174Nathan Brace5:07:25
174Peter Moyse5:07:25
176Emily Marchant5:07:26
177Jonathan Marshall5:07:38
178Richard Lawrence5:07:50
179Chris Jones5:07:52
180Dale Woolley5:07:57
181Joe Ashdown5:08:23
182Jake Leon Hayward5:08:26
183Tom Lissett5:08:27
184Mike Garden5:08:56
185Marcus Wills5:09:04
186Paul Mason5:09:10
187Mark Histed5:09:13
188Rebecca Perry5:09:22
189Mark Hopkins5:09:37
190Libby Free5:09:50
191Russell Porter5:10:19
192Dean Stringer5:10:53
193Keith Lyon5:10:59
194Owain Schiavone5:11:06
194Peter Lewis5:11:06
196George Adams5:11:07
197David Thomas5:11:09
198Simon Fricke5:11:44
199Nick Kenney5:12:07
200Robert Hodge5:12:32

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