Here is shown the latest 20 live times from the finish line. Updates in 15 seconds.

Participant Finish time
Andrew Cusick9:03:33
Tina Starling8:42:25
Nigel Neil8:34:19
Colin Amaral8:31:41
Chris Bowden8:25:09
Deborah Stewart8:19:48
Claire Sargeant8:25:29
Diane Meakins8:27:24
Liz Clues8:12:58
Andrew Cornwell8:13:43
Jennifer Milburn8:22:04
Erica Klein8:11:58
Voris Simon8:11:11
Mary Hoggard8:08:28
Sarah King8:15:23
Andrew Sharpe8:07:44
Sally Hickey8:13:23
Hannah Goodwin8:05:32
Ann Granger8:01:32
Rob Brown7:59:38