18 April 2020 -
12 June 2020

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No-one could anticipate the situation we have found ourselves in right now regarding COVID-19. However, we can adapt. We can make the most of the situation we find ourselves in. We can try new things, and we can certainly still bring you inclusive and fun events that remind you, you aren’t alone but part of the Maverick family.

This includes our mini Mavericks. So we are proud to bring you the Maverick Adidas TERREX Mini Virtual Runs, a virtual challenge for our trail kiddies with three distances to choose from; 1km, 2km or 3km. These Virtual Runs are exclusively for those aged 15 and under.

Maverick Adidas TERREX Virtual runs are free, they are that healthy bit of competition we need to keep us and your little ones stimulated. Our Virtual runs can be done on your own terms, from your own home and under the government guidelines of ‘once a day’ outdoor exercise.

Our Virtual Run will take place in a weekly format, with each week giving you a full seven days to complete your chosen distance/distances. The results will keep updating until the Friday when that week finishes, so keep an eye on the leaderboard to see how you placed. On the Saturday, our next week will begin, this is the chance for you to try a new distance or aim for a PB on your previous week!

How it works


Create an account, someone over 18 years old will need to create an account

Select your child's distance: 1k, 2k or 3k & add the child's name

2. RUN

Inside or outside

All kids should be accompanied by an adult

Track the run using an activity tracker (Strava, Suunto, Garmin)

Stick to the government guidelines if going outside


Log back into your account (parent's account)

Select 'My Area' -> 'Your Tickets'

Remember to upload a photo of your run


Tag us in your photos @maverickrace

Spot prizes are up for grabs

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18 April 2020
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12 June 2020
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Virtual Maverick

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