TeamMK 2020 Virtual Champions League Relaunch

As you were aware we had hoped to run a Club Championship and a Champions League for 2020 to promote the engagement of racing against club members and others across a variety of race distances and also a good chance to catch up socially. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 this is not possible but thankfully has helped us out.  We can still have club champions!

TeamMK Champions League 2020

  • Male and female trophy for the season.
  • Lowest points score crowned Champion.
  • Your best three races count, two virtual one non-virtual.
  • Click the event tab to enter the event.
  • 10% discount is applied if you enter 3 events, further discount is available to TeamMK members. 
  • There are three race distances to choose from: Cowman, Calfman and Stampede.
  • You must complete a race from two of the three categories named above e.g. two duathlons or two triathlons or one duathlon or one triathlon.  You can enter all but your best two will count.
  • Position in AG equates to number of points e.g. 1st in AG = 1 point.  The AG score will be from all competitors.
  • Deadline for close of this virtual race series 02/08/2020.
  • Bike rides cannot be completed on a turbo trainer nor runs on a treadmill.  All other rules and T&C’s see event organiser.
  • The final race from which results will count will be the Big-Cow duathlon race on 18/10/20.  This is a non-virtual race.   Any race distance can be entered.  However in the event of the race not running due to Covid-19 the virtual race results will be used to determine the winner.  NB If in the current climate of Covid-19, shielding family members etc. you do not wish to participate in this event you can submit three virtual Big Cow race results instead. 
  •  In the event of a tie the following will decide the winner:
    • Head to head results from the Big-Cow event 18/10/20 i.e. position in relevant AG.
    • If competitors cannot be split by the above it will be declared a tie.
  • Please ensure all Government, NGB’s, TeamMK & Big Cow guidelines are followed when participating in the virtual races.