Lakeland Lapland Festive Virtual Ultra Run 2020

Lakeland Lapland Festive Virtual Ultra Run 2020

Thank you for entering the Lakleland Lapland Festive Virtual Ultra Run. All of the money raised through this event will be donated to charity projects so your support is hugely appreciated. Please tell your friends about the event and encourage them to enter as individuals or as teams. 

Let's get started!

The event takes places between December 10th-22nd and the upload function will be live from midnight on December 9th until midnight on December 22nd. That means you will only be allowed to upload run data between those dates. It's important that you understand, you can't start the challenge earlier that the 10th and you won't have the option to upload once the event has finished at midnight on the 22nd. If you haven't uploaded data by midnight on the 22nd, you will show as 'did not start' or 'started but did not finish' and medals won't be sent out. Please also be aware that we don't accept evidence in any other form, other than uploading via the entry website. Please don't email us with pictures or other information, you must upload via the website. 

Official Start Time

We have of course received a few messages from competitors who have rightly pointed out that December 10th-22nd is in fact 13 days, as opposed to 12. The reason for this is that the event officially starts at 7pm on the 10th and closes at 7pm on the 22nd, which is 12 days. However, as the website will be live from midnight on December 9th, should you run before 7pm on the 10th December, you can still upload. And should you run later than 7pm on the 22nd, you can still upload before midnight. So yes, I suppose you do have 13 days, but that's our Christmas gift to you. Ho. Ho. Ho. 

The Opening Ceremony

If you joined us for our last event in July, you will recall our opening ceremony and live 'Foxcasts' each evening on our Facebook Page. Once again we hope you'll join us each evening to catch up on the events of the day. We will be interviewing guests and sharing your pictures and stories. The live Foxcasts will be 7:00-7:30 each evening, starting on December 10th, on our Facebook Page. We'd also ask that you join our community Facebook Group and throughout the 12 days, post up your pictures and stories. 

How Do I Upload?

So let's answer the question that many of you are asking. What exactly happens during the 12 days? How do I upload my evidence? You entered the event via the Resultsbase website. You need to log in, using the details you originally provided, then go to 'My Area' then select 'Your Tickets' and then select the Lakleland Lapland event.

Alternatively, find the email confirmation you were sent when you entered and click the "EDIT CODE" number next to your name on the email receipt. This will take you straight into your entry.

IMPORTANT - If you entered yourself and then additional friends or family on your own Resultsbase account, their entries are stored in your personal account. You can upload their race data for them but if you want them to be able to do it themselves, you need to find that email confirmation you were sent when you entered. Within that email, you will see that each individual person you entered has their own EDIT CODE next to their name. Pass this code link onto each respective individual and it will allow them access to their entry on your account. Please note, it will only allow access to their Lakeland entry, it will not let them see your other events entered or personal info etc.

On the first page you will see 2 things which are of interest:

1. DOWNLOAD BIBNO - Click this to download your race number
2. ENTER YOUR RESULT - Click this to enter a result
3. CHANGES - If you want to use Garmin Connect for data upload then click the CHANGES button and then CONNECT GARMIN. IMPORTANT - The easiest way to upload evidence is manually, unless you are very familiar with Garmin connect, ignore point 3 and read on. 

If you click ENTER YOUR RESULT you will see the live map. When the event starts, every time you upload a run, you will move across the map towards Santa. 

Click the button top right which says 'ADD RESULT'. This will take you to the manual upload page. It will ask you for the distance (MUST BE IN KM), the date you ran and the discipline (which will obviously be "run"). You then add the time in hours, minutes and seconds. Beneath this, you can then upload a photo of your watch, a screenshot from an app on your phone, or the screen on your treadmill to provide evidence. REMEMBER - None of this will work until midnight December 9th onwards. 

It's as simple as that. Each day, upload how far you ran, how long it took and a picture as evidence and you'll move across the map. When you have completed your 89 or 145 miles (remember you have to convert to KM to upload runs) the system will tell you that you're complete and issue you with a certificate. 

Other stuff

1. Remember to download and read the story of The Reindeer & The Fox to your children, grandchildren or any other children you know. Explain to them that you're running to save Christmas and they'll love you forever. 

2. We are running our NW Christmas Toy Appeal again this year, any donations, no matter how small, make a difference to someone. Deadline for gifts is December 13th, read more here

Schools Information

Everything above applies to you, but there's some additional notes that you need to understand:

1. When you download the event numbers (DOWNLOAD BIBNO) they should be identical and the school name will be on the front. If this isn't the case, there will have been a small error when you entered, which can be corrected, so email us. Otherwise you can print the event numbers and children can wear them on the front of their shirts when taking part. 

2. The person who made the entry will manage the uploads. If you have 50 children and they run half a mile each, then the collective total for that day is 25 miles. Convert to KM (40KM) and upload that single figure. The school (or year group) will then move that distance towards Santa. 

3. We don't need photo evidence for schools, with regards to distance covered. 

4. Please do get involved with the Facebook activity, we would love to profile your school and see pictures of them running, Christmas stories or pictures they've created, videos of them taking part or singing Christmas songs. If you're collecting or donating to local causes, even better. Contact us, get involved and be part of the event community spirit. 

5. Remember to download and read the story of The Reindeer & The Fox to the children, to add context for the run. 

6. Certificates for children are different to those for individual competitors. You can download, pre-fill and print the children's certificates HERE

7. We are running our NW Christmas Toy Appeal again this year, any donations, no matter how small, make a difference to someone. It's by no means compulsory, but if your school would like to get involved, please let us know. If you'd like to do your own collection for a local appeal, that's just as great! Deadline for gifts (for our appeal) December 13th, read more here