Pos.Participant Finish time
101Team Those Damn Beavers4:15:49
102Team Just Make Me Speedy!4:16:01
103Team Danum Delights4:16:31
104Team Hold My Beer4:16:36
105Team Lincolnshire Longboards4:17:50
106Team Coventry Tri Adams Girls4:18:02
107Team LincolnTri Amazonians4:19:18
108Team The Hot-Rods4:19:35
109Team Puig Mayor4:20:14
110Team Wakey Wonder Women4:20:26
111Team Chesterfield Trinutters4:20:57
112Team The Trying Zombies4:22:30
113Team Halesowen Tri Four4:22:38
114Team Telfrauds4:23:04
115Team Cobra Team 14:23:19
116Team Hillingdon Tristars #14:24:28
117Team Racing (Black & White) Stripes4:26:24
118Team Cov Tri Queen Bees4:27:56
119Team Wholehealth4:30:15
120Team God Loves a TFN Trier4:32:07
121Team Cov Tri's Finest Floaters4:33:04
122Team Fit at 504:33:31
123Team Boars on Tour4:33:50
124Team Chesterfield Chasers4:35:40
125Team Must Tri Harder4:35:47
126Team BCT Team 34:36:01
127Team Race Hub d'Huez4:36:40
128Team Lost in Transition4:37:03
129Team Ladies First4:37:07
130Team Terry Last Minute4:37:14
131Team Bangers Hobbit & the Back Street Boys4:37:36
132Team Slipstream4:37:59
133Team Matty Might Drop Out...4:39:06
134Team Stripey Stompers4:40:44
135Team Halesowen Ladies Two4:41:26
136Team Team CATS4:41:59
137Team Cobra Team A4:43:30
138Team You Can Relay On Me4:43:30
139Team Rock Hoppers4:44:18
140Team Cleats and Cleavage4:45:08
141Team Tri Generations4:45:08
142Team Htc24:45:13
143Team STC - Riverlin4:48:15
144Team DTC Tri To Stop Us Now4:51:01
145Team Htc14:57:37
146Team Tri Four The Best4:58:42
147Team The Crazy Girls4:59:34
148Team Team Odds and Sods5:09:11
149Team I Was Promised Cake5:12:42
150Team WTF - Where's The Finish5:23:31

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