Some organisers allow athletes to transfer their entry to another athlete in the event that they are unable to compete due to injury or personal circumstances. Before you initiate any transfer you must always check with the organiser to ensure that they allow this - and what conditions they might impose. Some events will have the transfer option blocked already by the organiser which means that the following process is not allowed.

This process will only work when you have used the Results Base system to enter the event! If you have entered the event through another online entry portal you will not have the event entry in your profile, indeed you may not have a profile at all. If this is the case please contact us on the email address and we will help you manage the process.

NOTE: If your entry to the event was purchased by a family member, friend, clubmate, etc then the order was placed on their profile and they will need to initiate the transfer process for you. If this is not possible you should contact and provide both your details and the full name and email address of the person the transfer is to be made to.

At no point during this process will Results Base make a charge for either performing the transfer or for the event fee. It is up to the persons making the transfer to arrange for any handover of money, event registration, bib numbers, etc. It is also the responsibility of the person accepting the transferred entry to ensure that all email and physical address details, etc are up to date so that if information is mailed out by the organiser they are sent to the correct physical or virtual location. Details on the order such as any estimated time, wave choice, T-shirt size and especially any emergency contact details also need to be checked and updated to ensure they are correct. Details on how to update this information on an order are on our FAQ page:

How to make the transfer

Given that you entered the event through the Results Base system you will have an order stored in your profile which corresponds to this event. You can log in to your profile and click My Area on the menu bar to verify this. Under the 'Your orders' option you should see a list of your orders displayed something like this:

Transfer process: Step 1

There is no need for the person you are transferring to to have set up a profile on Results Base: if they have one already then that is fine, if they have not then they will create one as part of the transfer process. However, if they DO have a profile please ensure that the email address they give you for the transfer is the one that they use on their profile or they will end up creating a second profile.

Each order can contain one or more signups - for example you might have entered both yourself and your partner for the event but you only want to transfer your signup to the third party. Each order has a number in brackets in the last column indicating the number of signups that are in that order.

Click where it says 'Signed up' and you will get a screen like this showing the details of that order.

Transfer process: Step 2

In the last column you will see a link saying 'Change owner'. Click on this for the signup that you wish to transfer.

Transfer process: Step 3

Simply fill in the email address of the person you are transferring to and click 'Transfer'. The signup is now removed from your order and from your profile and transferred to the third party.

Transfer process: Step 4

The person receiving the transfer now gets an email that looks something like this:

Transfer process: Step 5

Embedded in the email is a special link which will take them into their profile (if they have one) or prompt them to create a profile.

With a profile created (or an existing one) they can then select which athlete in their profile is the one to whom the event entry should be transferred.

Transfer process: Step 6

Finally, about 10-15 minutes after the transfer has completed the new owner will receive an email receipt for the transfer. This ALWAYS shows that you have paid by Voucher and the value is £0.00 - the original value of the entry is retained in the event and does not transfer - YOU CANNOT GET A REFUND ON A TRANSFER!

Transfer process: Step 7

NOTE: If you have selected an athlete from your profile that is not yourself the receipt is addressed to you as the profile owner but will show that person as the participant.

IMPORTANT Please note that in the form above the email address and name are for the person you are transferring TO!! If you get the email address wrong the entry will be transferred into a dummy account that neither you or the person you are transferring it to will have access... It can be sorted but you will need to contact us via and explain what you have done.