Up to mid-May 2020, Results Base held the postal address of the account/profile holder in that person's Profile record. This Profile Address was collected when the account/profile was created and was used as the registered address for that person when we created a receipt and in the event of us need to contact the account/profile holder for issues relating to delivery, payment, etc.

The postal address of the entrant/participant, called the Entrant Address, which may (or may not!) be the same, is now collected at the point of entry to an event and is the address used by an organiser to communicate with the entrant - for example, when they post out race packs.

While the Entrant Address is potentially updated/corrected every time an event entry is made, the account/profile address is often never updated/corrected resulting in the address on a receipt being out of date even when the entrant had just updated their address as part of the entry process.

With effect from mid-May 2020, the use of the Profile Address is being phased out. It is still there for all existing orders and should be updated if you need to update an existing order to show your new address on a receipt.

The new process will collect a Billing Address for each order and, if required, a Delivery Address which can be selected to be the same as the Billing Address, or be different. You will see the Billing Address and, if required by the order, the Delivery Address on the final Order Summary Screen. 

The Entrant Address is collected for each participant and is stored in the Ticket - that process is unchanged. The Entrant Address can be updated by editing the Ticket, see this page for details on how to do that.

NOTE: the profile used to also hold the Club/Company information but this is NOT used for the entrant/participant's club on the entry! Any information stored in the profile Club/Company should now be removed as it is no longer used or required during the entry process.

New order summary page showing the Billing and Delivery addresses

A new Order Edit link will be included on all receipts, in addition to the individual Signup Edit link(s) already there, which will allow access to all the Tickets on that order so that changes can be made to multiple Tickets in one go.

New format receipt showing the Order Edit link

Clicking the Order Edit link will jump you straight to the Order Edit page

The new Order Edit screen

If you have a specific question about your profile which is not covered by the content above please email us direct using this contact form.