A team event requires, depending on the event, two or more people to be entered so before you start the entry process you should have sufficient athletes stored in your profile. While it is possible to add athletes as you go it is generally easier to add the athletes to your profile first and then enter the event.

It is entirely possible that you wish to enter a team for an event but do not have the actual names of the people who will be taking up the places - for example, you might have a selection process to determine these from a number of potential athletes.

You can create dummy athletes in your profile and assign these to team places, you just have to make sure that the key information is filled in - this will definitely include a first and last name, a gender, a date of birth and possibly an email address and phone number.

All these details can either be updated later to reflect the correct details for a new athlete or you can swap these dummy athletes out and replace them with athletes already in your profile.

IMPORTANT: You should never edit an existing athlete's details and replace them with someone else's - that will alter any event entries and results that the athlete already had stored in the system! Obviously this doesn't apply to a dummy athlete record because they will only have been created to be temporary placeholders.

When you enter a team event you will see a screen like this:

You must enter a team name and then select the team event that you wish to enter from the drop-down. Team events may be single races or they may be split up into many categories within a race. Because of the complexity of working out gender and age category data from multiple athletes it is generally easier for the organiser to create lots of different entry pathways which map to the age and or gender categorisations.

Once this step is completed click NEXT and you get to this screen:

In this event a team comprises four athletes and you can now select names for each of the team member positions from the dropdowns on the right. Note that age range and gender checks can be applied here so it's no use trying to enter a man into a women's team or a junior athlete into a veteran category team.

From here on the entry process follows the same pathway as a normal individual event with the added complexity that there may be questions asked of each team member; eg T-shirt size or emergency contact details, as well as general questions that apply to the team as a whole.

When the entry process is complete and the first team is in your basket you will be able to go back to the beginning and register more teams or complete the checkout process.

Your receipt will list the team or teams that you have entered and show the names or the athletes assigned to the team.

If you need to change the composition of your team or teams once they have entered you should log back in to your profile and from the MY AREA menu select the MY ORDERS option.

Find the order that corresponds to the event you wish to adjust the teams for and on the right-hand side of the list will be a button that says Teams. Clicking this will bring up a display of the team or teams and the athletes assigned to them. You can move athletes between teams, or replace them with new athletes that you have added to your profile. If you used dummy athletes you should update their information first under the MY ATHLETES menu.

Note that in a team event where the 'race' you entered corresponded to an age- or gender-related categorisation you may need to also change the race that the team is entered into to put the team into the correct category. You can use the Change distance option on the right to select the correct race that matches the team's new composition.