Race for Life Marathon 2015


Pos.Finish time Participant
13:22:15Janet Worster
23:25:03Lucy Canham
33:25:17Charley Jennings
43:28:46Helen Durance
53:30:26Carly O'neill
63:30:32Julie Holloway
73:31:31Maria Frances Mcnamee
83:32:22Sian Trace
93:33:00Michelle Brown
103:34:21Sue Gawley
113:35:33Bernadette Smith
123:36:15Gill Macaskill
133:36:42Monica Matseke
143:39:00Laura Murphy
153:39:01Aimee Clark
163:39:20Karen Pryal
173:40:00Kayley Fox
183:41:09Yvonne Elliott
193:41:11Belinda Harding
203:43:19Akvile Lisauskaite
213:43:23Rebecca Donnellan
223:43:41Alexandra Trickett
233:45:04Samantha Pickett
243:46:01Sarah Dunn
253:46:01Lisa Metselaar
263:46:29Chloe Christine-Wallis
273:47:21Mandy Tulley
283:48:26Emily Doe
293:48:36Nicola Gunn
303:50:34Christina Venables
313:52:01Beverley Mclees
323:53:18Christina Paish
333:54:19Sophie Howard
343:54:40Deborah Fordham
353:55:31Rachael Gibson
363:55:32Alison Robinson
373:55:35Sarah Dodd
383:56:39Mo Willis
393:56:44Caroline Newberry
403:56:55Lara Townsend
413:57:38Stephanie Price
423:57:50Arlene Gopal
433:58:06Sandie Fay
443:58:30Lara Dickinson
453:59:25Sue Napper
464:00:03Angela Attard
474:00:03Victoria Callow
484:00:25Nuala Smyth
494:01:08Lucie Bowden
504:01:15Vicky Burton

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: equipment&suppliers@cancer.org.uk

07881 825684