Bibno. Participant Club/Company
114Caroline ParkinsWootton Late Entries
48Cat RileySqueaky, Creaky, Broken and Art.
50Cathy RalphThe Lame Dogs
33Celia ScrubyHair of the dogs
30Charlene BennettD&RRC – The Muddy Paws
89Charlene DoveRumble Racing B
28Chasing Tails Chasing Tails
109Chris ConwayWADC Two
29Chris FaddenCockapoos
48Chris JakemanSqueaky, Creaky, Broken and Art.
47Christine RyderSqueaky Creakies
86Claire HollandPJR ladies
5Claire Olsen3 Mamils and a Lady
53Claire WilcockWADC Eleven
29Cockapoos Cockapoos
69Completly Bonkers completly bonkers
28Corinne CalliganChasing Tails
84Craig CunninghamOrthospeedic
70Crucial Ligaments Crucial Ligaments
30D&Rrc Û The Muddy Paws D&RRC – The Muddy Paws
1Daisy YabsleyMarshall MK
96Dale UnderwoodTeam Happy Bodies - The Origina.
9Damien DippolitoThe Humerus Harriers
82Dave PepperMPA 3
88Dave PetersRumble Racing
38David ElliottLabradoodles
39David JamesLady and the Tramps
103David LivermoreThree men and a little lady
88David TuckerRumble Racing
27Dean SartinBone-a-fide Lunatics
68Debbie McCollBozeat Baps & Balls
112Deirdre BethuneWinalot Foodies
31Diane WallisGreat Danes
97Doive WeldonTeam Pabo
77Don MarshallInappropriate Boners
90Donna FoxSarahs Hot Dogs
71Drinking With A Running Problem Drinking with a running problem
93Duncan WinnerSqueaky Couchers
73Ed ForresterFlashpoint
72El Poocho El Poocho
1Ella NashMarshall MK
86Emily SyronPJR ladies
24Emma BellBACk of the pack
72Emma LeggEl Poocho
113Emma MaitlandYour Pace or Mine
105Emma MoorbeyTransition Terriers 1
60Emma RobinsonWADC Ten
98Emma WallaceThe Crate Escape
9Ethan FellThe Humerus Harriers
7Fast And Furious Fast and Furious