Pos.Finish time Participant Club/Company
11:26:28Wadc Two WADC Two
21:28:55Wadc Three WADC Three
31:30:26Rumble Racing Rumble Racing
41:31:04Norfolking Chance Norfolking Chance
51:32:10Milton Buzzards In England!! Milton Buzzards in England!!
61:33:21Bone-A-Fide Lunatics Bone-a-fide Lunatics
71:35:00Orthospeedic Orthospeedic
81:35:44Leighton Buzzard Bulldogs Leighton Buzzard Bulldogs
91:36:32Scrambled Legs & Achin Scrambled Legs & Achin
101:36:38Bloomsbury Boys Bloomsbury Boys
111:39:14Seriously Bonkers seriously bonkers
121:39:54Beer Gutz And Coconutz Beer Gutz and Coconutz
131:40:35Team Fsg TEAM FSG
141:41:51Jackass Jackass
151:42:22Wadc Seven WADC Seven
161:42:38Wadc Four WADC Four
171:42:55Kettering Town Houndiers Kettering Town Houndiers
181:43:11Drinking With A Running Problem Drinking with a running problem
191:43:52Random Runners
201:44:41Completly Bonkers completly bonkers
211:44:50Flashpoint Flashpoint
221:44:58Kettering Town Harrihounds Kettering Town HarriHounds
231:45:08Hair Of The Dogs Hair of the dogs
241:45:45Redway Runners Multisports Redway Runners Multisports
251:46:03Beagles Beagles
261:46:21Mountaineers Mountaineers
271:47:24El Poocho El Poocho
281:47:43We Du It ..... We DU it .....
291:48:47The Family The Family
301:48:54Barbets Barbets
311:49:24Crucial Ligaments Crucial Ligaments
321:49:29Bath University Racing Guild Elite Runners Society Bath University Racing Guild El.
331:49:42Inappropriate Boners Inappropriate Boners
341:49:46Wadc Six WADC Six
351:50:09Amplingtons Amplingtons
361:50:19Wadc One WADC One
371:51:18Team Pabo Team Pabo
381:52:35Squeaky Couchers Squeaky Couchers
391:52:58Jim's Internationals Jim's Internationals
401:53:09Team Chap Team Chap
411:53:22Trouble N Squeak Trouble n Squeak
421:53:25Bozeat Baps & Balls Bozeat Baps & Balls
431:53:42"squeaky, Creaky, Broken And Arthiritic" Squeaky, Creaky, Broken and Art.
441:54:59The Lame Dogs The Lame Dogs
451:55:21Mpa 1 MPA 1
461:55:21D&Rrc Û The Muddy Paws D&RRC – The Muddy Paws
471:55:26Labradoodles Labradoodles
481:55:28Wrr Fuddy Muckers WRR Fuddy Muckers
491:55:473 Ladies & A Tramp 3 Ladies & A Tramp
501:56:44Tight Butts And Sweaty Nuts Tight butts and sweaty nuts

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