Pos.Finish time Participant
511:57:25Wootton Late Entries
521:57:29The Pedigree Chums
531:57:48Ooks 209!
541:58:10Three Men And A Little Lady
551:58:15The Woof Pack
561:58:25Great Danes
571:58:25Sarahs Hot Dogs
581:58:28Lewys Muddy Marvels
591:59:11Mpa 3
601:59:21Wadc Twelve
622:00:00Squeaky Creakies
632:02:01Group 9
642:03:14Pjr Ladies
652:03:52Wadc Eight
662:04:14Happy Bodies Two
672:05:18"And they think it's all over, it's Ook's now!"
682:06:55George Davies Turf Ltd
692:06:57Rumble Racing B
702:07:07Mpa 2
712:07:13Barking Mad
732:10:013 Mamils and a Lady
742:10:18Lady And The Tramps
752:11:10Chasing Tails
762:11:12Wadc Five
772:11:46Team Happy Bodies - The Originals
782:12:32Hobb Nobbs
792:12:55The Crate Escape
802:13:51Mklr Squeaky Boners
812:16:12Last Man Standing
822:16:49Back Of The Pack
832:16:53Your Pace Or Mine
842:18:27Wadc Eleven
852:18:29Marvellous Mutts
872:21:55The Doggystylers
882:22:53The Laughing Parrott
892:29:18Transition Terriers 2
902:29:43Transition Terriers 1
912:32:55Pedigree Chums
922:33:18Winalot Foodies
932:35:16Wadc Ten
942:35:16Wadc Nine
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