Holkham 10K 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
5011:14:22Valerie G Gillick
5021:15:10Lynne Dowdy
5031:15:43Emma Dyer
5041:16:15Nicola Albert-Worman
5051:16:15Helen Albert
5061:16:16Cat Knight
5071:17:20Sheena Parry
5081:17:29Russell Burrows
5091:17:40Emma Andrew
5101:17:41Donna Hughes
5111:17:57Dianne Calvert
5121:18:12Claire Scott
5131:18:12Hannah Marsters
5141:18:18Nicola King
5151:18:23Debbie Strenge
5161:18:50Karen Stubberfield
5171:19:15Karen Chapman-Hammond
5181:19:19Nicki Burfoot
5191:19:24Graham Tibbs
5201:19:38Amanada Elsegood
5211:19:41Anna Mitchell
5221:19:43Courtney Lee
5231:20:06Sally King
5241:20:20Liz Elliott
5251:20:38Sarah Wynne
5261:20:52Linda Andrews
5271:22:26Teresa Abel
5281:22:55Janet Everett
5291:24:14Kristina Cook
5301:26:54Sarah Smith
5311:27:04Angela Reeve
5321:28:10Melissa Ashley
5331:28:11Carrie Day
5341:29:20Tracy Linger
5351:32:09Hilary Sowden
5361:32:12Rebecca Baker
5371:36:15Louise Emery
5381:36:16Ellen Gooding
5391:39:38Dee Middleton-Hall
5401:39:40Sharon Wray
5411:39:40Paulette Forbes
--Jodie Mccallum

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.