Holkham 10K 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
4511:09:04Naomi Bridgman
4521:09:14Nikki Fitzgerald
4531:09:26Abigail Ward
4541:09:30Pete Dean
4551:09:33Anne Farthing
4561:09:37Leanne Mills
4571:09:42Samantha Ritchie
4581:09:51Emma Manning
4591:09:52Tony Harnwell
4601:09:56Karen Dolman
4611:09:57Claire Rotman
4621:09:58Kristy Smalley
4631:09:59Jennifer Smith
4641:10:06Janette Franks
4651:10:06Victoria Deane
4661:10:10Anne-Marie Palmer
4671:10:22Lucy Wilson
4681:10:24Justin Watkins
4691:10:24Marie Duncan
4701:10:27Rachel Treleaven
4711:10:28Cindy Grand
4721:10:48Stephanie Clark
4731:10:49Adele O Connor
4741:10:49Adam Chown
4751:10:50Pat Brown
4761:10:52Aviva Gillman
4771:11:01Nancy Crow
4781:11:11Jo Sedgley
4791:11:21Grahame Rose
4801:11:26Frances Van Der Velde
4811:11:45Leanne Newman
4821:12:03Charlotte Green
4831:12:44Thea Brown
4841:12:45Laura Dove
4851:12:45Stephen Dove
4861:12:57Kay Mcguinness
4871:13:00Sue Moffat
4881:13:02Alison Webb
4891:13:06Lindsay Trueman
4901:13:09Thomas Wellings
4911:13:11Catherine Tipling
4921:13:13Charlotte Mcdonald
4931:13:16Liz Sumners
4941:13:17Michele Beveridge
4951:13:31Paul Defew
4961:13:31Sally Panks
4971:13:32Rachel Hughes
4981:13:45Belinda Taylor
4991:14:14Claire Riseborough
5001:14:14Jodie Price

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.