The Tour of Pembrokeshire 2017


10:21:56Will Magee
10:21:04Paul Martin
11:54:42Andrew Mather
11:20:09Andrew Mcdonagh
11:42:24Martin Meadham
11:46:37Rob Merrills
11:26:08Jack Miles
11:56:28Bob Millar
12:36:38Steffan Morgan
11:55:03Justin Morris
11:29:52Martin Nichols
10:59:51Mark Owen
13:04:17Jezz Palmer
11:45:21Annie Panter
13:02:49Stephen Parker
12:09:01Jeff Partridge
9:56:00Alex Picton
11:40:13Lynette Porter
10:47:07Stephen Potter
11:18:35William Precious
10:25:59Chris Prest
11:42:26Ross Quick
10:06:10Richard Rawlinson
11:35:41Ioan Raymond
10:54:47Nick Read
11:45:23Mark Reed
12:00:22Geraint Rees
11:48:33Jonathan Rees
10:11:37Karl Roberts
11:35:49Jamie Routledge
10:09:08Liam Rowlands
10:21:50Michael Sanderson
11:27:33Caroline Sandles
11:27:37Rob Sandles
9:40:07James Scale
8:25:46Joe Scoble
11:41:37Pete Smith
9:16:46Stephen Smith
8:58:56Keiryn Smithers
11:58:34Ben Smithies
13:03:52Tony Spicer
11:11:15Bryan Stadden
11:18:46Huw Stead
13:04:26John Stobbart
12:15:41Robbie Sutton
10:17:26Tommy Taylor
11:20:12Ben Thomas
11:56:54Jake Thomas
11:10:20Meredith Thomas
12:08:59Richard Thomas

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