Northumberland Coastal Run 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
9512:44:29Glyn Botfield
9522:45:12Eric Briggs
9532:46:24Lisa Angus
9542:46:28Kelly Hymer
9552:46:43Kirsten Fenwick
9562:46:45Diane Soulsby
9572:47:47Rebecca Gilmore
9582:47:48Debbie Wardle
9592:48:43Shona Riach
9602:48:49Megan Bell
9612:49:26Sara Palmer
9622:50:35Helen O'neil
9632:50:36Kimberley Cohen
9642:50:58Janette Davison
9652:51:11Glynis Turner
9662:51:18Anne Booth
9672:51:19Kimberley Pearson
9682:52:11Maggie Morris
9692:54:32John Jobson
9702:54:42Keith Revill
9712:54:51Godfrey Tallents
9722:56:08David Keyworth
9732:57:00Diane Myatt
9742:58:50Beryl Stockdale
9752:59:17Margaret Thompson
9763:01:34Jill Clark
9773:03:18John Woodcock
9783:06:49Katie-Louise Finney
9793:06:57Natalie Johnson
9803:07:42Jon Minto
9813:07:53Katie Davison
9823:08:44Elaine Jennings
9833:08:46Neil Jennings
9843:08:52Kelly Collier
9853:11:14Laura Gibson
9863:11:23Rachel Leigh-Firbank
9873:14:50Jasmine Hazlehurst
9883:15:04George Routledge
9893:17:34Caroline Faithewaite
9903:17:37Frances Wilson

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