Pos.Finish time Participant
116:15Mark Hill
216:45David Hudson
317:10Mark Waine
417:15Peter Currington
517:17John Decesare
617:21Tyrone Farrer
717:28Peter Adams
817:28Jamie Young
917:29Rodrigo Santos
1017:30Andrew Dodds
1117:32Nick Jones
1217:40Ross Wood
1317:41James Down
1417:43Martin Beare
1518:04Tim Inchley
1618:05Robert Eaton
1718:06William Shippin
1818:12Devon Harford
1918:13John Skelton
2018:17Galen Butler
2118:18Patrick Dunckley
2218:20Rosanna Andrews
2318:27Darren Burgess
2418:27Leigh Pilgrim
2518:30Jerry Day
2618:30Simon Read
2718:35Graeme Bickle
2818:36Tony Daglish
2918:37Simon Kirschner-Heavens
3018:44Paul Huckle
3118:45Andy Gardner
3218:45Mantas Vilimas
3318:46Michael Christie
3418:47Sofia Perusko
3518:47Mark Prockter
3618:50Matt May
3718:50Colin Woods
3818:52Leo Freeland
3918:55John Loxley
4018:56Caspar Zoeftig
4118:58Alfie Long
4219:00Keith Rochester
4319:06David Paul
4419:06Nathan Scott
4519:07Allison Hirst
4619:07Matthew Kirtley
4719:13Morgan Maxwell
4819:16Jonathan Burdett
4919:16Montana Edghill
5019:18David Thomas

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