Southwater Sprint Relay Triathlon 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
12:34:58Team TriSurrey ReigateOne
22:36:04Team T.H.E Kitzbuhel Experience
32:36:50Team Epsom Tri Club 1
42:37:42Team We Got The Runs
52:41:26Team Brighton Tri Club Mens Open
62:43:14Team Brighton Tri Club Mens Vets
72:45:16Team Two Blondes With Long Legs
82:46:14Team Team T.H.E Mixed
92:46:35Team Farnham Youth
102:47:53Team Nuff Tri 1
112:49:33Team Slick Looking Hair
122:51:19Team CWTC Team 8
132:51:40Team Team 7 ASOaks
142:54:07Team CWTC Team 1
152:54:23Team Tri Tempo 1
162:55:13Team Little Mix
172:55:28Team Tri Surrey GAEs
182:55:55Team Farnham'S Finest
192:56:37Team CWTC Team 7
202:56:43Team Tri Surrey Tigers
212:57:35Team Farnham Allsorts
222:58:22Team BW
232:58:34Team Brighton Tri Club Womens Open
242:58:45Team Cat Puns Freak Weowt I'm Not Kitten
253:00:01Team CWTC Team 6
263:00:05Team Seven Oaks And A Horse
273:00:12Team Under 3hrs Please!
283:00:41Team 2 Middys And A Fitty
293:00:42Team Doing It Three Ways
303:01:07Team Once Twice Three Times A Lady!
313:01:47Team Tri Surrey Sanderstead
323:02:09Team Brighton Tri Club Tour De France
333:03:06Team Epsom Tri Club Team 2
343:03:44Team Tri Surely
353:03:55Team Deal Tri Throwbacks
363:05:13Team SLH (official)
373:05:38Team Tuff Tuffs
383:06:43Team Tri Tempo 3
393:07:41Team CWTC Team 9
403:07:45Team Not Fast But Furious
413:07:59Team Tri Tempo 2
423:08:00Team CWTC Team 4
433:08:10Team Brighton Tri Club FEman Winner
443:10:15Team Hadley's Heroes
453:10:35Team Brighton Tri Club Brighton Tri Club
463:10:39Team Brighton Tri Club Spins & Chats
473:10:53Team Me And My Smiths
483:11:06Team Team Zippy
493:11:52Team Tri Tempo 4
503:12:18Team No Punctures Please!

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