Southwater Sprint Relay Triathlon 2017


Pos.Finish time Participant
513:12:29Team 2 Guys And A Gal
523:13:17Team Return Of The JEDi
533:13:24Team Stillsearchingforsub1
543:13:35Team Brighton Tri Club Old Timers
553:13:53Team Brighton Tri Club Flying Scotsman
563:14:12Team CWTC Team 5
573:14:59Team Brighton Tri Club Templetwits
583:15:16Team The Fast The Furious And The Fatigued
593:15:17Team Epsom Tri Team 3
603:15:28Team Brighton Tri Club Team Lucky Irish
613:15:59Team Brighton Tri Club Juniors
623:17:02Team Brighton Tri Club Pass the Donuts
633:17:34Team Able Slaves Ace A Tri
643:17:40Team Brighton Tri Club
653:18:06Team The Mexican Sandwich
663:18:11Team My Club Made Me Do This
673:18:54Team Not All About The Bike
683:19:02Team Brighton Tri Club Womens Vets
693:19:09Team Brighton Tri Club McLovins
703:19:40Team Live And Let Tri
713:20:33Team Brighton Tri Club Komedia
723:21:15Team CWTC McTri
733:21:35Team SSSpeedos
743:23:21Team Langton OLT
753:24:17Team Tuffs You Can Relay On!
763:24:53Team Strong Little Heros
773:25:28Team Epsom Tri Team 4
783:26:28Team Nuff Tri 2
793:26:57Team Nuff Tri 3
803:27:18Team Brighton Tri Club Lane 3 Legend
813:27:26Team Tri Tempo 8
823:28:21Team BMC Belles
833:28:38Team Tri Tempo 5
843:29:02Team Brighton Multisports 1
853:29:39Team Farnham Fillies
863:30:15Team Brighton Tri Club Aussie Rules
873:31:37Team Scraping The Barrel
883:32:29Team Chris Is 50
893:32:36Team Tri Tempo 9
903:32:57Team Tri Surrey Team Hall
913:33:17Team Tri Surrey Team Bull
923:34:55Team Falmer Fit Club
933:35:22Team CWTC Team 2
943:36:23Team Tri-Harder
953:37:01Team Triple Threat
963:37:57Team Brighton Tri Club Got Litt Up
973:38:21Team Tri Tempo 6
983:38:41Team Tri Tempo 7
993:40:01Team Tired Trio
1003:41:48Team Bourne 2 Tri

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