The Lakesman 2017


Pos.Participant Finish time
51Amy Earnshaw11:37:52
52Nick Thornton11:37:58
53Tim Byrne11:38:17
54Richard Dewhurst11:39:37
55Tom Shanks11:43:20
56Nick Barnes11:43:22
57Alison Matthews11:43:34
58Keith Gibson11:44:00
59Christopher Lee Durkin11:44:05
60Ben Johnson11:45:54
61Colin Mckenna11:46:03
62Jo Stewart11:46:24
63Adam Cairns11:46:49
64Carl Dobson11:47:54
65Mark Blackwell11:48:51
66Paul Benjamin Walduck11:49:32
67Richard Gale11:50:02
68Andrew Phillips11:51:07
69Alan Mcgeen11:52:01
70Warren Grice11:52:34
71Ben Tomlinson11:52:44
72Robin Harris11:52:44
73Gary Hatch11:53:04
74Jon Sheehy11:53:46
75Neil Glendinning11:54:15
76Andrew Coulton11:54:25
77Darren Eccles11:54:29
78Neil Cooper11:55:05
79Angus Abraham11:55:09
80Sean Exley11:56:42
81Martin Souter11:58:05
82Ivan Dootson11:58:18
83Christopher Mckee11:58:32
84Paul Mckenny12:02:23
85Kevin Burgess12:03:41
86Maria Greaves12:05:55
87Mike West12:06:05
88Luke Stevens12:06:23
89Darren Lough12:06:32
90Graeme Fox12:07:01
91Lee Anderson12:07:08
92Stuart Webster12:07:51
93Matt Riley12:08:16
94Simon Kettle12:08:55
95Gavin Adkins12:09:30
96Ian Waller12:09:39
97Jamie Crossan12:10:13
98Stephen Wilson12:12:28
99Benjamin Park12:12:37
100David Walker12:14:19

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