Pos.Finish time Participant
10156:42Natalie Lauren Baker
10256:42Nichola Emmerson
10356:46Russell Armer
10456:56Ben Mullaney
10557:09Amanda Harding
10657:12Jane Wells
10757:22Alice Graves-Morris
10857:25Donna Miller
10957:25Michelle Lewis
11057:37Jane Edwardson
11157:40Alex Hansford
11257:52Glynis Wiles
11357:52Iain Ripo
11457:52Mark Squire
11557:54James Trueman
11658:03David Argent
11758:05Hannah Blythin
11858:12Elaine Powell
11958:18Jenny Harding
12058:21Jack Cole
12158:31Maria Ready
12258:32Emma Clift
12358:33Emma Rickard
12458:43Gary Hedges
12558:44Sean Long
12658:53Montserrat Suarez
12758:56Carlton1 Forbes
12859:08Stevyn Kemp
12959:14Matthew Blythin
13059:15Ruth Armer
13159:19Paul Whitehead
13259:32Laura Dudley
13359:35Stuart Wright
13459:44Rachel Zubcevic
13559:45Steve Cook
13659:49Liza Lever
1371:00:03Thierry Chew
1381:00:06Steven Pretlove
1391:00:08David Willis
1401:00:09Stacey Margan
1411:00:20Liam Hawkins
1421:00:45Franki Green
1431:00:45Laura Pritchard
1441:00:49Peter Bennett
1451:00:50Andrew Barber
1461:00:51Bob Austin
1471:00:53Andrew Betts
1481:00:58Tom Bartlett
1491:01:13Sara Penelope Butler
1501:01:25Chris Llewellyn

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