Pos.Finish time Participant
5150:43Rob Woollett
5250:44Stephen Rose
5350:54Richard Popiel
5450:54Nigel Syson
5550:58Chris Jeanes
5651:10Sue Torrance
5751:13Wayne Preston
5851:20Anthony Priest
5951:22Luke Wilkinson
6051:31Chloe Broxup
6151:48Denn Foley
6251:56Edward Pollock
6352:05Jamie Taylor
6452:31Darren Stanger
6552:45Andy Soper
6652:45Paddy Day
6753:04Ben Arnold
6853:09Steve Russell
6953:21Steven Panes
7053:22Abi Lewis
7153:22Laura Mason
7253:36Peter Folwell
7353:38Sandra Brown
7453:41Tim Pepper
7553:56Simon Hunter
7654:02Sam Finnerty
7754:06Stacey Knight
7854:31Max Mccaffrey
7954:34Andrew Bell
8054:54Andy Switon
8154:56Darren O'leary
8255:01John Brown
8355:04Hayley Butcher
8455:11Sarah Vizor
8555:25David Callum
8655:29James Evans
8755:31Justine Verwey
8855:35John Morle
8955:36Gavin Evans
9055:39Jenny Johnson
9155:49Alex Eddy
9255:56Ian Cox
9356:01Catriona Coventry
9456:01Tony Williamson
9556:05Rosie Teckoe
9656:06Sophie O'leary
9756:10Paul Cant
9856:20Laura Hird
9956:21Leon Stringer
10056:21Andy Dolan

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