The Maverick Silva Dark Series Oxfordshire 2019


Pos.Chip time Participant
11:04:35Andrew Penfold
21:07:36Simon Harris
31:08:37Matthew Hardcastle
41:09:05Steve Holloway
51:09:19Anthony Smith
61:09:46Jon Kelly
71:10:32David Finlay
81:11:35Dom Kirby
91:12:08Chris Brown
101:13:04Paul Dunstan
111:13:25Edmund Grobel
121:13:29Sean Stewart
131:14:33Pavel Kanja
141:14:35Nick Lee
151:14:39Oliver Slocombe
161:14:51James Baderman
171:15:52Josh Francis
181:16:07Paul Christian
191:16:14Toby Cole
201:16:32Adam Brittain
211:16:33Nathan Blake
221:16:33Charlotte Harris
231:18:04Samuel Nigh
241:19:53Marek Kozlowski
251:19:53David Rogers
261:20:06Phil Westcott
271:20:12Claire Kanja
281:20:26Paul Tanner
291:20:51Elliot Newman
301:20:57Toby Wells
311:20:59Mike Sinclair
321:21:40Dean Barker-Smith
331:21:46Michael Hall
341:21:53Stuart Craig
351:22:18Dave Winkworth
361:22:32David Watling
371:22:40Kimmo Lappi
381:22:51Aeron Charity
391:22:57Simon Warner
401:24:07Ben Watts
411:24:14Lucy Cash
421:24:17Ali Hollest
431:24:20Sam Rippington
441:24:40Andrew Skiller
451:24:42Adrian Thompson
461:24:57Phylip Scott
471:26:54Bryan Simpson
481:27:31Anthony Clare
491:27:31Adam Jacobs
501:27:38Patrick Irwin

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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