Isel Cross Race 2018

Pos.Chip time Participant
131:38Mark Walsh
232:39Brian Taylor
333:15Nathan Gray
433:31Scott Keough
533:40Adam Frankham
633:57Staurt Ackerley
734:14Carl Fisher
834:54Chris Knowles
935:19Richard Murdock
1035:29Howard Seal
1135:39Peter Kemp
1235:42James Dias
1335:59Robert Patterson
1436:05Matt Charlton
1536:12Chris Gray
1636:20George Fawkes
1736:29Shane Stobbart
1836:32Sam Holding
1937:23Graeme Fox
2038:01Tony Holliday
2138:14Dominic Davies
2238:29Frank Hewer
2338:41Michael Bain
2438:52David Harper
2539:45Natalie Mccarron
2639:49Caroline Evans
2740:00Brett Malloy
2840:25Jonathan Buckley
2940:38Paul King
3040:44Ernie Davidson
3140:49Robert Paterson
3240:53Michael Sandelands
3340:57Adrian Hadley
3441:06Debbie Walker
3541:14Peter Telford
3641:17Kevin Robinson
3741:33Rosie Mckissock
3841:36Ross Mclaughlin
3941:49Andrew Elan
4041:50Joseph Ritson
4142:04Lisa Martin
4242:15Rodney Lewis
4342:56Alyxandra Murdock
4443:10Michael Dias
4543:14Andrew Hayes
4643:23Wayne Fox
4743:44Ben Cooper-holmes
4843:55Michael Rudd
4943:57Anja Coulthard
5044:01Catherine Hadfield

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
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