Pos.Finish time Participant
1513:34:39Lee Smith
1523:35:43Nick Middleton
1533:35:44Olivier Heyning
1543:35:45Simon Coles
1553:35:52Sion Mattey
1563:36:01Team The Butlers Did It!
1573:36:13Sophie Voller
1583:36:14Con - Angela Lloyd
1593:36:48Jess - Jane Bates
1603:36:50Team The Metropole Mad Dashers
1613:36:54Andrew Bowen
1623:37:14Timothy Woodhead
1633:37:37Team Strong And Stables
1643:37:44Gary Kelly
1653:38:00Mark Whitby
1663:38:01Andrew Mathias
1673:38:12Team Leap Frog
1683:38:35Team Slh All Stars
1693:38:55Simon Fletcher
1703:38:56Darrell Bodin
1713:38:57Richard Biggs
1723:38:58Anne-Marie Bayliss
1733:38:59James Wells
1743:39:30Benjamin Annear
1753:40:00Caebryn Alberto - Carol Aston
1763:40:07Ellie - Sue Rowe-Hannen
1773:40:27Team Tory Hill Running Club
1783:41:17Team No More Bulls
1793:41:17George Kingsley
1803:41:18Rhodri Morgan
1813:41:20Ian Gawinowski
1823:41:24Team Barking Mad
1833:41:28Team "We Came, We Ran, We Drank...2"
1843:41:36Team Handsome
1853:42:01Laura Lelievre
1863:42:07Stephen Caley
1873:42:20Team Unidentifid Flying Ducks
1883:42:48Naomi Shaw
1893:42:49Team Toubkal
1903:43:07Andrew Grimshaw
1913:43:20Michael Warrick
1923:43:26Bertie - Steve James
1933:43:26Team Mcspadders
1943:43:32Cariad - Kate Kydd
1953:43:33Neptune - Jonjo Hardwick
1963:43:34Team You Can Lead A Horse To Water
1973:43:36Steven Beckitt
1983:43:53Team The Wright Stuff
1993:44:00Ruth Hutton
2003:44:03Jonathan Macauley

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