Pos.Finish time Participant
2013:44:08Simon Neeves
2023:44:18Penni Harrison
2033:44:25Team The Three Amigos
2043:44:36Rhys Thomas
2053:44:40Team Upton Hill Harriers
2063:44:40Neil Pinnell
2073:44:41Christian Coles
2083:44:48Marc Dowse
2093:44:53Ian Andrews
2103:44:59Katharine Ganly
2113:45:05Team Vals Carthorses
2123:45:09Russell Taylor
2133:45:13Lee Williams
2143:45:15Victoria King
2153:45:22Craig Edwards
2163:45:27Andy Staveley
2173:45:29Simon Bowden
2183:45:40Sean Buckle
2193:45:41Team Why The Long Face
2203:45:43Mike Partington
2213:45:48Team Builth & District Running Club Xxx
2223:45:54Stephen Kerr
2233:46:01Martin Smith
2243:46:05Joanne Rees
2253:46:09Meirion Evans
2263:46:43Thomas Hunter
2273:46:44Stuart Sellers
2283:46:49Paul Rose
2293:47:03Team The Galloping Girls
2303:47:30Stuart Livesey
2313:47:45Gary Hughes
2323:47:47Keith Thomas
2333:47:48Richard Smith
2343:47:50Simon Gater
2353:47:56Nicholas Stewart
2363:48:30Brian Dooley
2373:48:58Chris Callow
2383:49:09Gareth Price
2393:49:22Susie Power
2403:49:28Ben Gaskell
2413:49:45William Dyer
2423:49:45Ben Goddard
2433:49:48Team Rendell Rapids
2443:50:13Ian Hutchinson
2453:50:29Jonathan Sims
2463:50:32Neil Hale
2473:50:48Lewis Cooper
2483:51:09Fred Morris
2493:51:24Paul Pulman
2503:51:25Steven Mesham

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