Montane Trail 10k & 13 Delamere 2019

Pos.Finish time Participant
511:47:15Edmund Burgon
521:47:16Simon Grout
531:47:16Andrew Roberts
541:47:41Liam Gray
551:47:53Dave Moore
561:48:01Sean Barry
571:48:05Nick Horne
581:49:12Mike Donnan
591:50:07Steven Handy
601:50:14Steve Jordan
611:50:57Arlene Wood
621:51:17Gary Sanderson
631:51:24Nathan Winstanley
641:51:35Robert Cooper
651:51:40Christopher Dymond
661:51:52Vincent Vurgest
671:51:55Paul Bateman
681:52:19Katie Shilcock
691:52:23Michael Flatman
701:52:30James Carter
711:52:52Andy Ormrod
721:52:54Michael Herrett
731:52:58Iain Downie
741:55:10James Blyth
751:55:12Nicola Watson
761:55:38David Harvey
771:55:45Des Cannon
781:55:47Katie Sanderson
791:55:48Charlotte Loughead
801:55:49Andy Stevens-Olsen
811:55:58Dale Fidler
821:55:59Ross Jones
831:56:29Neil Sheldrake
841:56:30Micah Longhurst
851:56:31Lucy Oldfield
861:56:33Louise Harris
871:56:44Phil Keeley
881:57:48Dave Finlay
891:57:51Kevin Dean
901:57:52Chris Taylor
911:58:06Tim Appleton
921:58:21Alison Macdonald
931:58:28Kevin Thomas
941:58:41Joanne Edwards
951:58:46Paul Reid
961:58:49Cheryl Pace
971:58:52Nicola Coppock
981:59:11Mark Thomas
991:59:14Joseph Turnbull
1001:59:16Helen Adamson

This event is timed by ST App Service. There will be no chip timing for this event. All queries should be sent to the organiser of the event.
For result queries please e-mail: