HUUB Triathlon Relays 2020

HUUB Triathlon Relays 2020

29 August 2020

HUUB Triathlon Relays 2020

Saturday August 29

National Water Sports Centre, Adbolton Lane, Nottingham NG12 2LU

Welcome to the Tri Society "HUUB TRIATHLON RELAYS" at the National Water Sports Centre, Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham. This is the 30th edition of the event, and due to Covid-19, will see more event changes than since the start in 1991.

We have reviewed all of our delivery plans and principles, and made many operational changes to ensure the event is staged to be Covid-19 compliant. However, we are unable to do this alone, and ask that all of the competitors adhere to our new plans and are also self-policing.

Covid-19 Athlete Responsibility

The following applies to all involved in the event – competitors, volunteers, Technical Officials and event delivery team.

Everyone on site is reminded to wash their hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap (or use an alcohol hand gel of over 60%) and avoid touching their face to reduce virus transmission.

There will be sanitation points at registration, start, transition areas and the finish area.

Anyone feeling unwell with any symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend the event.

Athletes over 70 years old, or anyone with compromised health, should be aware of the greater possibility of serious consequences in the event of contamination and is recommended not to attend.

Sharing of equipment is prohibited. In particular, athletes must not share water bottles and cups.

Athletes will be required to update contact information and next of kin details, as well as re-declare their statement of suitability.


This wasn’t how we planned to celebrate our 30th anniversary event, but we plan to make it a safe and fun day for all, no-matter-what! The emphasis is on reconnecting people and after a tough few months. We are all extremely excited to be bringing chaos back!

The ‘NEW’ Format

There is a new format in place based on the elite Mixed Relay standard, which was due to debut at the Olympic Games this summer.

Athletes will take part in time trial format, with individuals starting every 15 seconds. This will continue throughout the event to help facilitate social distancing, remembering that drafting is not permitted during the bike section anyway.

In line with previous editions of the Triathlon Relays, each team will consist of four athletes. Each athlete will complete a mini triathlon; 500metres swim, 15km bike and 5km run, and cross the finishing line. The next athlete will start their mini triathlon from the swim start area. Big screens will show when your team-mate has finished, and then you will be started 30 seconds later. Electronic times will be recorded at the start of the swim, end of the swim, end of bike and end of the run. The finish times from all four athletes will be added together to give a combined team time.

There will be two separate transition areas, one for swim to bike, and a separate transition for bike – run. The finish area will also be an isolated area. There will be no direct tagging.

The Distances

Swim 500m (1 lap) Bike 15km (3 laps) Run 5km (1 lap)


Due to regulations regarding Covid-19, there will be no prizes awarded. All teams will be in the ‘Open Category’.

We will encourage teams to participant for fun and will start teams from the same club together; creating friendly competition. We hope this will create a greater emphasis of fun, self-policing social distancing and greater participation.

Registration Times

Friday                       6pm – 8pm

Saturday                   7am – 9am

We will allocate specific club registration times approx. 5 days before the event.

Start Times

Start times will be issued approx. 5 days before the event, all teams’ first athlete will start between 9am – 10.15am.

Team changes after entry

Teams are often entered before the actual team members are known (dummy participants can be used) and frequently a team's make-up is changed between entry and the event. Neither of these is a problem - please read the teams management page HERE for instructions on how to change or update team member information.

Additional event information

See HERE for the full race information pack (which includes the information on this page).

 Event information
29 August 2020
National Watersports Centre, Adbolton Lane NG12 2LU
Nottingham, England
See map below
Registration closes 24 August 2020 23:59

 More information

In case of questions about the event please contact TriSociety:

Melway, Fenton, LN1 2EW, Lincoln

HUUB Triathlon Relays 2020

  • National Watersports Centre, Adbolton Lane NG12 2LU
  • Nottingham
  • England

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